Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sparkly Me

Sparkly Me
by Ally Nathaniel
illustrated by Sugar Snail

A story any little princess can enjoy, Sparkly Me draws girls in with the sparkles and teaches them that the best sparkles are the ones within that make each of us shine.

Sparkly Me speaks to young girls, like my preschooler, who enjoy dressing up and wearing the pretty jewels, glittery clothes and shoes, and dressing like a princess.  My little ones found fun with each page as they discovered the different sparkly things the girl in the story liked to put on.

Illustrations are friendly and inviting.  As an e-book, there was a lack of "sparkle" to the book that a print book could have to enhance the story.  With decorative sparkle on each page, the story would be more engaging.  However, it does stand as a fun little story on its own.

I received a copy of this book to review for free.  All thoughts expressed are my own.

You can get your copy here

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